ISIC & Frank

In Finland, ISIC and Frank have tied the knot. But who is this Frank and what does he want with ISIC, you may ask. Rest assured, Frank's intentions are more than proper. Let us explain what Frank is and why is it oftentimes mentioned together with ISIC!

What is Frank?

Frank is a student benefit service owned by the students themselves. Frank gathers all national student benefits on one page, and produces the national student card for Uni and UAS (university of applied sciences) students in co-operation with Elisa.  

Frank is owned by the 4 major student organisations in Finland: SAKKI, SLL, SAMOK and SYL. A minority share of Frank is owned by KILROY, the travel agency for students. 

Frank and ISIC work together to guarantee the best benefits for students both nationally and internationally! 

Co-operation with student cards

It is possible and highly recommended, to attach your ISIC card to the student card produced by Frank. The card is called the co-branded ISIC card. With this card, you have access to all student benefits in Finland and all ISIC benefits abroad! It is also the cheapest ISIC card in the world: the price is only 3 €/year for a 5-year studying period! If you are a Uni or an UAS student in Finland, we highly recommend you take the co-branded ISIC card at the very start of your studies: this way you save the most money, when it comes to student cards. You can order the co-branded ISIC card from Frank. If you are a student at a Finnish vocational school or a Finnish high school, you can order the co-branded ISIC card from SAKKI or SLL.

Student discounts in Finland and worldwide

Negotiating for even better an even more student benefits in Finland is Frank's mission, whereas ISIC wants to make sure student life is easy, fabulous and cheap wherever you go on this planet. Biggest partners, both national and international, have visibility on Frank's and ISIC Finland's media. Because we at ISIC and at Frank want the benefits to be truly valuable to students, we really appreciate any feedback regarding the benefits or student life in Finland and abroad in general. So be active and let us know what you think!

Ownership - KILROY

KILROY - the student travel agency - owns a 49 % minority share of Frank. KILROY also represents ISIC in Finland and in other Nordic countries and is thus responsible for developing student benefits in Finland.