ISIC co-branded card for university students

Get student discounts in Finland and abroad with an ISIC-combination card! This student ID grants you all the familiar discounts in Finland, such as VR and Matkahuolto, added with the 150.000 ISIC benefits around the globe including buses, trains, student flights, accommodation, restaurants and more. 

Get yourself a Frank-ISIC student card use the same card for student identification and paying your daily purchases at home and abroad! This winner ID includes


✔︎ Student discounts at home and abroad

✔︎ A Finnish student card for graduate and postgraduate students

✔︎ An international ISIC student card with a 5-year validity

✔︎ A free digital ISIC ID in the ISIC App

✔︎ Frank's free digital student card


You can order the ISIC combination card from the Finnish student service Frank. Frank's ISIC combination card is valid up to 5 years, always according to the term sticker attached to the card. Remember to activate your digital ISIC in the ISIC app as well - see ISIC app sign-up instructions in the FAQ section.

No thanks to a plastic card? You can also purchase a 1-year-valid digital ISIC license from Frank App for only EUR 4 / year (swipe right twice when entering the page) or from ISIC's website for EUR 10. You get your ISIC number after the purchase and are able to register into ISIC App straight away.


Please note that the standard, 12-month-valid ISIC is not a valid student ID in your student cantina for lunches - only the Finnish student ID grants you this KELA-subsidized benefit. 


Order the ISIC combination card!


Psst. You can activate your digital ISIC card in the ISIC app and use the digital ISIC when travelling:

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