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With the ISIC App, ISIC cardholders can search for benefits and discounts worldwide, check out a list and map-view of nearby ISIC benefits and discounts and plot a route to the ISIC benefit location. ISIC App offers you the following: digital ISIC card - see nearby ISIC benefits at your current location - search for ISIC benefits anywhere in the world - get the correct route to the ISIC benefit location - filter ISIC benefits by type (e.g. accommodation, restaurants, entertainment). Take a sneak peek at ISIC App here!


Sign up to ISIC App:

1. Download the ISIC App at App Store or Google Play

2. Sign up to the ISIC App with your name and your ISIC number

3. Register your email address and invent a password for your future log in. 

4. Check the confirmation email from ISIC and verify your user account

5. If you do not have a picture on the app already, download a picture of yourself to your ISIC app profile


ISIC App is by far the easiest way to enjoy student discounts home and abroad. The best part is that your digital ISIC card is available to you on ISIC App also when you are offline!

Problem? Look for an answer for ISIC App related problems here.

Download the free ISIC app and keep student discounts with you!