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Students, students! Gather around! From this page you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about ISIC card, how to order one and how to use it. If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us using a contact form or let us hear from you in Facebook!

Who can get a digital ISIC card?
What is the ISIC combination card?
Do I save more if I order the ISIC combination card?
Frank? Who dat?
What kind of benefits and discounts do I get with ISIC?
Where can I buy student discounted flight tickets?
What is a 'full-time student'?
What is the validity of my digital ISIC card?
Eeek! I'm having trouble with my card order! What to do?
What is the delivery time for a digital ISIC card?
I have not received any mail to photo upload! What to do?
HELP! My ISIC combination card has been stolen! What to do?
I'm a graduate student. Can I get an ISIC?
I'm not a student. Can I still enjoy ISIC benefits?
I have a complaint! What to do?

Who can get a digital ISIC card?

The digital ISIC card is available to all full-time students aged 12 years and above, be they at school, college or university, or post-graduate students. There is no upper age limit. However, please notice that some benefit provides to set an age limit to their benefits! Some airlines, for example, only grant the student flight ticket for students under the age of 35 years only.


What is the ISIC combination card?

If you study in a Finnish vocational school, high school or university, you can attach ISIC to your Finnish student card and enjoy all student benefits in Finland and around the world with one card! The co-branded ISIC card is by far the easiest and cheapest option of student cards available! Please note that you need a Finnish social security number in order to purchase the cobranded card. Read more and order the card from Frank (university students), Finnish High School Students' Union SLL or Finnish Vocational School Students' Union SAKKI ry.

Do I save more if I order the ISIC combination card?

YES! You definitely save the most when you order the cobranded ISIC: the standard, separate ISIC costs EUR 10 per annum whereas ISIC in your cobranded card is valid throughout your studies and costs only EUR 16 for university and EUR 9 for secondary level students! The ISIC attached to your Finnish student card is the cheapest ISIC in the world: if you study for five years, you will only pay EUR 3,20 per year for your ISIC! So be sure to order the co-branded card right at the beginning of your studies to really save on you tight budget!

Frank? Who dat?

Frank is a Finnish student service that collects all student benefits in Finland to one site. Frank negotiates all student benefits for Finnish students and ISIC cardholders and produces the national student card for higher education students. Frank is owned by students i.e. the four national student unions SLL, SAKKI, SAMOK and SYL together with students’ travel agency KILROY. Frank’s student benefits are meant for all secondary level and university students in Finland who are members of their own student union and ISIC cardholders. Check out what's going on with Frank at Facebook and Instagram!

What kind of benefits and discounts do I get with ISIC?

All sorts of cool stuff! There are two types of ISIC benefits: traditional local student benefits and online benefits. In order to get access to all online student discounts you need to log in with your ISIC card number in the upper right corner. When logged in, go to one of the partner pages and you find the discount code or unique discount url link on the benefit description page. When using discount codes remember to copy the code and then go to the external partner website and paste the code into the voucher/benefit code area when checking out. Easy-peasy!

Local student discounts are at hand when you show your digital ISIC card at the till before payment. You can find the local student benefits in Finland with the ISIC app or from student service Frank’s website.


Where can I buy student discounted flight tickets?

If you could fly away... And you can! You'll find student flight tickets and the flexible terms and conditions related to them from KILROY. ISIC is the only internationally recognized student identification and therefore is the only ID you can get student priced airfares. Student tickects are not available, for example, on airlines' own websites nor do they appear on any of the lists when searching good deals on the sites gathering reasults from several suppliers. So check airfares either at KILROY website or ask tips and quotes from KIRLOY travel advisors.

What is a ‘full-time student’?

Being a full time student means that you take at least 15 hours of class a week for a minimum of five months a year. When ordering your ISIC card, you must be enrolled in a Finnish academic institution or have the acceptance letter to join one for the next semester. If you are going to student exchange abroad, we recommend you to order your ISIC from the ISIC provider of your destination as some features may have more features (include a local transport ticket etc.).

What is the validity of the digital ISIC card?

All good things must come to an end, and so is the case unfortunately with your ISIC, too. A standard digital ISIC card is valid for one year, starting from the day of purchase. A co-branded ISIC card is valid as long as your national student card is valid too. The expiration month of your digital ISIC card is visible on your profile in the ISIC app.


Eeek! I'm having trouble with my card order! What to do?

No worries there, student! If you have any problems in uploading the documents or there is some bug in the order form, please contact us with the contact form. We are happy to help! Please note that at this time it is not possible to upload photos with your smart phone or tablet. If you encounter problems when uploading documents or pictures, please contact us in English with the contact form, and we will then help you with the process as quickly as possible. 

If you misspelled your name, address and/or place of study or something else went wrong with your information in your order, no worries! When you order your digital ISIC card online, you'll get first an e-mail receipt and then an e-mail with a link for uploading picture and your student documentation. At this stage you still have the opportunity to change your personal details before approving the final order! NOTICE: A fee of 7 € will be charged for customers making changes after the final approval, so make sure to double-check your data before you confirm your order! 

What is the delivery time for a digital ISIC card?

Within 24 hours from your order (72 hours over the weekend). When you order a digital ISIC card online you'll receive an e-mail with a link for uploading picture and your student documentation. Please take extra care and follow the photo instructions carefully, so that you'll avoid unnessary delay in your order! Your ISIC number is ready to be activated in the ISIC app when our service center has checked your student verification and ensured your picture meets its requirements.

I have not received any mail to photo upload! What to do?

Oh man! It happens to the best of us: sometimes our mail slips in your junk mail, so please check whether the e-mail could have been caught in your spam filter. If this is not the case please contact us with the contact form with your name, e-mail and order ID and the service center will hereafter assist you. Please note that email addresses ending with @qq.com reject the messages sent from ISIC's system so please use another email account.

HELP! My ISIC combination card has been stolen! What to do?

Oh noes! That sucks! Luckily you can still use your digital ISIC normally in the ISIC app. To replace your ISIC combination card, contact your Finnish student union and order a new card from Frank / SLL / SAKKI.

If your card had a payment feature, you will need to deactivate the card. If you had...

1. A cobranded ISIC card with the Mastercard Debit feature offered by Danske Bank, you can order a new card from Danske Bank's online bank. Remember to also deactivate your lost card online or call +9 200 2585 (24/7).

2. A cobranded ISIC card with Aktia Wallet / Elisa Wallet payment feature, be sure to close the card on Aktia Wallet app or call +9 20 429 3939.

I am a graduate student. Can I get an ISIC?

Yes you can! You can either order a standard digital ISIC card from this site or purchase a digital ISIC license or order an ISIC combination card from Frank if you are a member of your student union.

I am not a student. Can I enjoy travel benefits?

Teachers and youngsters under 31 years of age: YES YOU CAN!

If you are not a student, but still under 31 years old, the International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is the right card for you! With IYTC you enjoy many international benefits, including the student discounted flight tickets from many airlines, such as Finnair.

If you are a full-time teacher or professor, you can apply for the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC). Members of the Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ receive a 25% discount on ITIC! With ITIC, teachers under the age of 34 can also book flights with student discounted tickets with many airlines, like Finnair. The discount code is available at OAJ’s member site.

The IYTC and ITIC cards both offer similar benefits, services and savings to the ISIC card.


I have a complaint! What to do?

Oh no! In case of discrepancies or complaints concerning your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us with the contact form. Should you for any reason not be satisfied with the outcome, ISIC is obliged to inform you that you may refer your case to The European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution.