Working Holiday is a great way to take your first steps to an international life and also maybe to take a break from student life at home.

Working Holiday

Working Holiday is a fantastic option for you who are 18-35 years of age and want to work while travelling. With a Working Holiday visa you'll be able to adventure for up to 12 months in Australia, New Zealand and USA or 6 months in Canada while working to earn money to fund your travels. Working Holiday is a great way to take your first steps to an international life and also maybe to take a break from student life at home. We at ISIC want to encourage international and intercultural exchange, so Working Holiday as a way of travel is close to our hearts. That's why we've gathered below some general information about Working Holiday options for students and youth in Finland. Each of the countries listed below is also an excellent ISIC country, so don't leave your ISIC card at home if you go on Working Holiday! 

The Working Holiday visa to Australia and New Zealand is a multiple entry work visa which means that you can, in the course of 1 year, leave and return to the country as many times as you wish - the best when on a spontaneous adventure! Remember, that ISIC card holders are eligible for student flight tickets, which always include luggage. Plan your Working Holiday adventure and combine one-way flights to guarantee an unforgettable Working Holiday!

In Australia and New Zealand you can secure your first job in the country with a start package, but you'll soon find job announcements on hostel billboards, in local newspapers, on websites like Working Holiday Jobs, Facebook groups and of course from other travellers on a Working Holiday. All you need is a local income-tax card and a bank account for salary payment, and you're all set for a Working Holiday!


The Australian Working Holiday visa is available to youth aged 18-30 years. With the visa you can work for the same employer for up to 6 months and study in Australia for up to 4 months. In Finland, you'll get your Working Holiday visa to Australia from KILROY. Ask about the start package to Australia from KILROY as well; the start package helps you find your first job in Australia, so you won't have to spend time and money at your destination looking for a job. Please note, that you can prolong your Working Holiday visa for another 12 months, if you work on farms/agriculture at a seasonal occupation for 3 months during your first year in Australia. 

New Zealand

You can apply for the popular New Zealand Working Holiday visa for up to 35 years of age, and work for the same employer for up to 3 months during your year in New Zealand. You can prolong your visa in New Zealand for up to 3 months, if you have worked for 3 consecutive months on agricultural jobs. The Working Holiday visa in New Zealand also allows you to study in New Zealand for up to two months during your year. What better place to be trained to become a snowboarding or kayaking instructor! 

Apply for the Working Holiday visa to New Zealand for the New Zealand government officials.


You can go to Canada on a Working Holiday for a period of six months, either during the summer or winter season. The winter season jobs last from November to April, and April is the last moment to apply for positions for the upcoming winter season 2024. Working Holiday trip in Canada is possible if you are 18-35 years old and have completed at least a second-level degree: go to work and then continue after the work period by traveling in a place that offers versatile adventures in Canada! Through KILROY, you get a job in the destination, as well as quick help with visas and other practical matters.

USA Working Holiday - conditions

The Working Holiday in the US is a bit different from the visa and working options in Australia and New Zealand. You can apply for a summer job in the US, and the visa will allow you to travel for up to 1 month in the country after you've terminated your contract with your employer. Read more and apply for a summer job in the US with KILROY.