See you later, alligator, cos you're on your way to Florida! Remember to take your ISIC card with you to enjoy some sweet student discounts.

Student discounts in Florida

Life is a beach, at least for a student in Florida! Take your ISIC card with you under the sun and enjoy a bunch of great student discounts while in Florida. We've collected our top picks below, and they range from alligator tours to universal studios and NASA. If you feel like none of those are a perfect match for your holiday, look for more student discounts on ISIC USA's website.

Student discounts in Florida:

Universal Studios Orlando Resort in Florida:

30 % student discount on 2-day ticket

Wild Florida Airboats

20 % student discount on airboat tours

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:

14 % student discount on entrance


Up to 13 % student discount on entrance


Check out what Miami has to offer here

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