ISIC Shipping you off to Europe - Berliini

Marwa ja Wasim Berliinissä


Fri 26th June: Before the boarding




The moment we received the e-mail telling us that we won, we excitedly browsed through the list of benefits ISIC provides in Berlin. From discounts in various areas we were looking for the ones that would have mutual interest for both of us. From where we found the national history museum, the underground tour, the zoo, and the aquarium. We also planned to walk around the city, check out parks and landmarks nearby, as well as local food.

The weather in Berlin does not seem to agree with our plans, but we will try to go through everything planned!


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Sat 27th June: Volksparks & Graffiti


We landed at Berlin Tegel airport expecting it to be chilly, but much to our surprise it was pretty warm. It was not hard to get out of the airport and catch the bus that would go to the hostel, since we had the mobile wifi provided to us. We arrived to the hotel around 12:00 and did not realize that we were supposed to check in to the hotel at 14:00. So we got a chance to visit Volkspark Friedrichshain park nearby to pass time. Then we got to the hostel and unpacked, checked the routes, and began our journey to exploring the city!

Berlin Volkspark


We explored the area around the hostel, discovering a local food cart that we tried out. We tried various transportation methods; buses, trams, trains, subways, and metro. We discovered that they have several photobooths all around the city, which is a typical local tourist attraction. We also checked out many souvenir shops, that had unique items such as pieces of the Berlin Wall for sale. We also checked the Berlin mall that was different from the malls we see in Finland. Graffiti played a big role in the street culture, it could be seen all over the city.


Berlin Transportation


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