Exceptional headphones for extraordinary people like you. Urbanears offers a great student discount so that you can listen to music with style!

Student discount on Urbanears

Phone and laptop full of great music to help you to study more effectively, to run faster and to chill out the best possible way and you're using crappy headphones? Music is meant to be heard so stop wasting the potential and get yourself a proper set of headphones! Urbanears models are designed to optimize sound and captivate self-aware individuals by matching preferences in size, style, design, function to the love of music. Celebrate the power of music and let it be seen and heard!

Choose design and color that compliments your personal style, make use of your student discount and make the most of your favourite songs!

Urbanears is the original colorful headphones designing company which means experience in the manufacturing and therefore quality. So be original and express yourself with the colors.

*This Urbanears student discount is not valid in conjunction with any other voucher or promotion.

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