Student discounts in Malaysia

Eager to wander in Kuala Lumpur and gaze at the magnificent Petronas Towers? If you're not a city trekker and would much more like to just chillax on a beach, then the beautiful Langawi might be your destination. You are free to pick, because ISIC card gets you student discounts around Malaysia: just have the nerve to use it! We've collected some examples of what Malaysia has to offer for a student with an ISIC card below. Fly to Malaysia with a student flight ticket from KILROY!

Malaysia's treats for ISIC:

Hotel Granada:

Student discount on the room price

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya:

Student discount on the sightseeing cruise

Sulta Azlan Shah Gallery:

Entrance fee 4 MYR with ISIC card

Check out more student discounts in Malaysia from ISIC Malaysia's website or download the ISIC app for free!

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