Finnair student discount

Finnair student discount helps you extend your travel budget and enjoy the destination more! So next time you're planning travels and booking flights make sure to use your ISIC card and Finnair student discount. You can purchase Finnair youth and student priced flights above or at KILROY.

Up until you're 34 you'll get student fare with your ISIC card or ISIC combination card. When flying to Europe or to Asia you can also buy a student ticket for your partner, whether or not she/he is a student. With your ISIC card you get to enjoy all the student discounts at your destination - just take a pick out of more than 125.000 student discounts world wide!


Youth and student fare examples:

Return flights
Helsinki–Bangkok // Singapore–Helsinki from 899 EUR
Helsinki–Delhi // Goa–Helsinki from 998 EUR
Helsinki–Hong Kong–Denpasar–Singapore–Helsinki from 1 174 EUR
Helsinki–New York–Santiago de Chile // Lima–Helsinki from 1 323 EUR
Helsinki–Osaka-Tokyo // Nagoya–Helsinki from 947 EUR
Helsinki–Xi'an // Hong Kong–Helsinki from 847 EUR
Helsinki–Soul // Okinawa–Tokio–Helsinki from 1056 EUR
Helsinki–Hongkong–Bali–Singapore–Helsinki from 1199 EUR

// = transfer between destinations by own cost


Finnair flies the shorter route between Asia and Europe

  • Faster, northern route to 15 major cities in Asia
  • Timetables are designed specifically for smooth connections
  • 23 kgs of baggage always included in the student ticket along with 8 kilograms of carry-on
  • All One World alliance's 1.000+ destinations in 150 countries at your fingertips

Finnair is an eco-smart airline

  • Due to the modern fleet, there are less emissions.
  • Finnair aircrafts consume less fuel due to the straight routes.
  • Finnair offers green landing in Helsinki, which means reductions in fuel consumption, emissions and noise.
  • Finnair´s new A350 Aircrafts bring more than 25 % improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the previous generation.



If you're heading for a short weekend trip that doesn't require you to pack half of your belongings with you, ask for Finnair LIGHT tickets and save your money for better use. With these tickets you don't pay for the luggage you don't have: travel with hand baggage only at a LIGHT price. The new LIGHT ticket type is available on flights throughout Finnair’s network in Europe and the Middle East, with the exception of Russia.


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