British Airways - special student tickets

British Airways is the national carrier of the United Kingdom and one of the most trusted and recognized airlines based in Europe. It is a global airline and their close cooperation with other airlines such as Iberia and American Airlines gives you access to more than 400 destinations all over the world, more convenient connections and centrally located airports.
British Airlines has developed a special ticket for Students with special fares and conditions.

KILROY and British Airways Student airfares

  • You can book these tickets at KILROY travels if you have a valid ISIC card, there's no age limit on the ticket
  • Return tickets are valid for travel 12 months from your departure date.
  • You can change your travel date. (Changing the travel date is always dependent on availability.)
  • You can change your travel route, for example if you wish to fly home from Los Angeles instead of San Francisco. (Changing the travel route is always dependent on availability.)
  • You can have stopovers on the way to your final destination. For example, you can spend a few days in New York on your way to Los Angeles.

You can book return tickets on KILROYs website. If you want a more complex itinerary with stopovers, please contact one of KILROYs travel experts.

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